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From BusinessWorld 7 November 2011

TRAINING for 10 skills will be prioritized by the government a bid to meet the needs of key industries, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) announced.

A TESDA resolution published yesterday listed 10 qualifications recommended by industry partners during consultation meetings last September.

Resolution 2011-09, one of several issuances approved during an Oct. 7 TESDA board meeting, orders the prioritization of the following skills for the telecommunications, livestock, construction, health care, agriculture and programming sectors:

• telecom OSP (outside plant) and subscriber line installation (copper/cable/plain old telephone service/direct subscriber line);

• telecom OSP installation (fiber-optic cable);

• animal breeding (artificial insemination);

• formworks systems installation;

• construction lifting equipment/ passenger elevator operation;

• medical coding and billing;

• rubber tapping;

game programming;

• 2D game art development; and

• 3D game art development

“TESDA regularly conducts industry consultations, particularly in preparation of training regulations (TRs),” TESDA Director-General Joel J. Villanueva said in a text message yesterday.

The TESDA resolution identified the industry associations/partners that requested the skills as including telcos Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and Globe Telecommunications, Inc.; the farm sector-centered Hog Federation of the Philippines and the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines; Philippine Constructors’ Association; and the Game Development Association of the Philippines.

“All the TRs were prepared together with industry,” Mr. Villanueva said. “The industry is in a better position to determine their own skills needs, the standards required in the workplace. This is why TESDA involves the industry in this effort.

Ramon Isberto, PLDT spokesman, said the telco had a huge need for workers skilled in cable installations.

“PLDT is undertaking a rewiring for its landline network,” he said in a phone interview, explaining that the task requires, among others, the replacement of old copper cables.

“We have been accelerating our next generation network rollout, so for at least two to three years [we would have a huge need for such sorts of skills],” he added, thus the need for fiber-optic cable installation skills.

Pork Producers Federation President Edwin Chen, for his part, said artificial insemination technicians were needed “as breeding is the heart of livestock production”.

Mediaquest Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of the Beneficial Trust Fund of PLDT, has a minority interest in BusinessWorld.

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