From FutureGov 9 November 2011 by Clarice Africa 

The Department of Science and Technology has deployed 100 RxBoxes in remote total centres and selected multipurpose community telecentres in order to test the efficiency of the system as it aims to bring quality health services in “doctor-less” villages.


The RxBox, is a portable device specifically designed to cater to the needs of “doctor-less” areas.

The device contains medical devices for taking a patient’s electrocardiogram or ECG, heart rate, blood, pulse rate and blood oxygenation. In addition, the device also has a “teleconsultation” feature allowing clinical experts located in another place to “virtually”inspect patients or assist rural doctors on how to better manage or treat their patients.

Furthermore, audio signals from a patient’s heart, lungs, and the abdomen could also be transmitted to clinical experts for them to diagnose the status of the patient from the health unit. This feature would allow doctors from the Philippine General Hospital to help rural doctors in handling serious medical cases from their respective health units

RxBox is part of the proposed P30 million National Telehealth Service Program (NTSP) of the University of the Philippines-Manila National Telehealth Centre and the Department of Health.

The program aims to use information communication technology to deliver health care in rural and underserved areas is one of the government’s efforts in improving health care for the Filipino people.

According to DOST Secretary Mario Montejo, the complete rollout of the NTSP is targeted next year and will be an answer to the problem posed by the lack of doctors in in several remote rural areas.

“Critical cases can be monitored in real time even in hospitals outside the reach of wired network structures,” Montejo said.

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