We’re (Aussies that is) a happy, optimistic lot says LinkedIn

From IT Wire by Peter Dinham Friday, 18 November 2011


Australian professionals are after promotion in their jobs to fulfil their major career ambition, but they also want to look at greener pastures abroad and they might not stay in their current job and, instead, make a holus bolus change to a new industry and an entirely different career.

 They are, however, generally happy, indeed very happy with their current job, and on a global scale Aussie professionals rank tenth overall with an optimistic outlook in the job they currently have.

At least that’s what the majority of 900 Australian professionals told LinkedIn in a recent survey about their career ambitions and job satisfaction. Of the 900, 64 percent told LinkedIn they are “happy” or “very happy” with their current job.

The study also revealed that most professionals, as well as being clearly ambitious, have a hopeful outlook about their future with their current employer, with half of respondents in Australia believing that there is opportunity for advancement in their current company if they work hard and demonstrate results.

Seven different career ambitions were listed in the study and professionals were asked to select which ones applied to them. The top career ambitions for professionals in Australia were to:

1.    Get promoted

2.    Work abroad

3.    Change industries or careers

LinkedIn claims more than two million members on its professional network in Australia and 135 million worldwide, several thousand of whom were also surveyed about their career ambitions and satisfaction with their current jobs.

Compared to Australia, the 12,000 LinkedIn members around the world whio were also surveyed, had this to say:

•    Professionals in the Netherlands ranked as being the happiest. Eighty percent of professionals in the Netherlands said they were “happy” or “very happy” with their current job

•    Japanese professionals ranked as being the least happy with only 31 percent of professionals in that country stating they were “happy” or “very happy” with their current job

•    New Zealand ranked 4th, with 68 percent of professionals being “happy” or “very happy” with their current job, putting the U.S. in sixth place

•    According to workplace expert and managing director of HappeningPeople.com, Samuel Day, the LinkedIn survey shows that Australian professionals are “resilient, adaptable and a pretty happy bunch.”

“In addition, Australian organisations are working harder to keep their employees happy in order to retain them,” Day said, adding that “as a result, they are looking within their organisations for growth opportunities and career advancement, realising that as long as they demonstrate results and work hard, they can achieve their goals.”

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