Philippine business lacks disaster preparedness

From Businessworld December 12, 2011
Survey finds poor IT disaster readiness

A GLOBAL survey has found nearly half of Philippine-based businesses covered do not have disaster recovery plans in place for their information technology (IT) systems and workplace requirements.

Luxembourg-based Regus, a provider of flexible workplace solutions, said in a press release on Monday that it canvassed opinions of over 12,000 businessmen in 85 countries.

Number of responses from the Philippines and period of survey were not immediately available.

Among others, the survey noted that:

• Forty-eight percent of respondents in the Philippines, compared to an average of 45% globally, do not have an IT system recovery plan in place ensuring systems are up and running within 24 hours of a disaster;

• Forty-five percent of Philippine-based respondents, compared to 55% globally, have no workplace recovery plan that could restore operations within 24 hours of a disaster;

• Philippine-based businesses are more likely to perceive the cost of disaster recovery as prohibitive (38%) than the global average (33%);

• Over half of Philippine respondents (81%) said they would invest in workplace recovery if the service were suitably priced, compared to 55% globally;

Globally, while larger firms are better-prepared for disasters than small counterparts, 26% of big enterprises remain without a disaster recovery plan for IT systems and 40% have no work place disaster recovery facility; and

• Globally, financial services (71%) and IT businesses (66%) were more likely to have a business continuity plan, although more than 40% of these firms have no workplace recovery arrangement.

The same statement quoted William Willems, regional vice-president for Regus Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, as saying that “the research reveals that, in spite of reports indicating that the average incident can cost up to $500,000, disaster recovery among Filipino businesses is not as widespread as imagined.”

“Over a third of businesses in the Philippines reveal a high perceived cost of disaster recovery, but many also report they would be willing to pay a monthly fee to access a workplace disaster recovery facility in case of emergency,” Mr. Willems noted. “This is an indication that although too many businesses are taking a gamble, their mentality is changing.”

Article location : finds poor IT disaster readiness&id=43151

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