A Filipino inactive and not looking for a job?

A Filipino inactive and not looking for a job? That doesn’t sound right. Filipinos are known to be hard working abroad so this statistic sounds highly unusual. Or maybe its an economic measure for those we can’t measure.


From BusinessWorldPhilippines

5 January 2012
Around 1.5 million Filipinos not looking for jobs — BLES

MORE THAN half of the 2.86 million unemployed Filipinos in 2010 did not actively look for work, with many of them saying they felt discouraged because of the lack of available jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES).

Data showed that the number of “inactive” and unemployed Filipinos reached 1.51 million in 2010, up by 6.11% from 1.42 million in 2009.

“The most common reason for not seeking work was the belief that no work was available,” the BLES said in a report.

The number of discouraged workers increased by 8.05% to 470,000 in 2010 from 435,000 in 2009.

“Discouragement is conditioned by our caring paternalistic or maternal culture,” said Jorge V. Sibal, dean of the University of the Philippines School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

He added: “The more educated the person is, [the higher the] tendency to be discouraged because of the following factors — skills mismatch, low pay, economic status of the family, and Filipino pride.”

Meanwhile, Cid L. Terosa, senior economist at the University of Asia and the Pacific, said: “Competition for jobs becomes tougher and since only a few can be chosen among hundreds of applicants, many have taken themselves away from the job market believing that they cannot compete with other applicants.”

“Aside from that, many are discouraged because they could not find jobs that would pay enough to support their needs,” he said.

Of those who were not actively looking for jobs, 439,000 anticipated that previous employers would rehire them, while 408,000 said they were just waiting for the results of previous job applications, the BLES said.

Meanwhile, 161,000 were hindered by temporary illness or disability.

More than 30,000 cited bad weather as their reason for not being active jobhunters.

Mr. Sibal said he thinks the number of inactive unemployed Filipinos would decrease in 2012.

“If the economy will improve, the number of inactive unemployed will also decline since there will be more decent jobs available,” he said.

Mr. Terosa had a different view: “The number of inactive unemployed will go up in 2012 because… growth prospects for 2012 are not as remarkable as in 2010.”

The BLES noted that the inactivity rate of the unemployed peaks during high economic growth and drops during poor economic growth.

“This indicates that during an economic crisis, a larger proportion of the unemployed actively seeks work,” it said. — Judy Dannibelle T. Chua Co

Article location : http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?Section=23&title=Around 1.5 million Filipinos not looking for jobs BLES&id=44588


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