Perfect in Manila

Apps are the latest tools people can use in everyday life. Of course, you need a smart phone to use one first.

One good app is this one described below recalling memories of my youth in Manila after the rainy season. I go to Manila on a regular basis now and since I stay mostly in Makati where the quality of road is comparable to Sydney I don’t recall if this app is still of value for Manila residents. You may like to test this app and confirm whether it is a benefit.

From Start Up

Smooth sailing for Street Bump app

By Michelle Hammond
Thursday, 02 February 2012

start-up-idea-potholeStreet Bump is an app that focuses on an ever-present problem for all drivers: potholes. The app takes advantage of the sensors on smartphones to report potholes automatically.


Developed in the United States, the Android app users the accelerometers and GPS technology in the user’s phone to register when and where the user’s car has experienced a pothole.


The app is currently in prototype form, and focuses on simply recording and uploading data from those sensors.


The ultimate goal is to use Street Bump data to determine where potholes and other dangerous street features are located, so steps can be taken to address them.


The Street Bump app has the potential to be picked up by local councils throughout the world, helping them solve a simple yet ongoing problem.


Apps that engage users in productive tasks – such as reporting potholes – help not only the user but the wider community. Can you think of any others?

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