PH Business leg up to support MDGs

The Philippine MDGs will need every help from all sectors of society to help achieve its goals. It is interesting the country’s largest non-profit (PBSP) rather than the government who is making an appeal for the business sector to take a lead in this area.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

May 01, 2012

Businesses asked to fast-track MDG efforts

BUSINESSES HAVE been called to fast-track efforts for maternal and child health care in the final mile to achieving one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a group said in a statement.

As a convenor in a recent summit to rally the private and nonprofit sectors in consolidating plans for local health system development, the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) encouraged companies to revisit their practices and workplace programs to create an agenda for poor communities in need of health support, said Rafael C. Lopa, executive director of PBSP.

“As the secretariat of the MDGs and the business sector, improvement on maternal and child health (MCH) are at the forefront of PBSP’s initiatives. Through our PlaCEs (Platforms for Collective Engagements), predominantly in health, PBSP provides metrics aligned with the national agenda on tuberculosis and MCH, and parameters to help evaluate sustainability of company operations,” Mr. Lopa was quoted as saying in the statement.

With only three years left to attain the MDG 5 known as the reduction of maternal mortality ratio (MMR), the private sector was encouraged to use its resources to address the gap of poor maternal and child health care.

In response to the issue of engagement and awareness, the Department of Health has formed the multi-sectoral consortium called the 162 to 52 Coalition, the statement said. The coalition aims to attain better maternal services through public-private partnerships by 2015.

Factors that cause the death of 11 mothers each day are insufficiency of quality health services, lack of education, uncoordinated public and private service providers, and inadequate financial support, the PBSP said.

During the 162 to 52 Summit, the PBSP showcased efforts of its member companies in strategic financing for development projects and leveraging of corporate contributions.

Some of the social investments put up are the Pfizer Bluehouse Project, Medical Equipment Support with United Way Worldwide, and the health project for women in Agusan del Norte. The PBSP said it has also worked with local health units to provide services to infants, children, and pregnant and lactating mothers.

As of 2008, the statement noted that the Philippines has an adjusted MMR of 162 per 100,000 live births which is far from the MDG target of 52 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Article location : asked to fast track MDG efforts&id=50968

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