GIS is a given technology common to developed countries like Australia. Now its coming to the Philippines too.


By Clarice Africa | 9 May 2012

The City Government of San Fernando, in Pampanga province has unveiled its ICTMasterplan for 2012-2016 under which the city will implement a centralised GIS in three phases and with an overall budget of Php 34 million (USD 792,000)

“We have an existing GIS now which allow users to see vectors and other related topographic detail. However, much of the information there has not been updated since it was installed in 2003. So much has changed in the past eight years that there is now a real need to update it,” explained Dexter Dancel, MIS Manager of the city Government.

Phase 1 aims to integrate various application systems such as real property tax system, business permits, executive information systems, and billing and tax collection system in a GIS. Any update on those aforementioned applications will be automatically seen in the city’s maps.

Phase 2 consists of the implementation of a Barangay (Village) Information Management System which will enable users to see particular details about public services in a specific area such as, the members of the households, health concerns in the area such as outbreaks of diseases, and malnutrition levels. The budget for Phase 2 is ₱10 million (US$230,600).

Lastly, Phase 3 (which according to Dexter Dancel, MIS Officer of the City Governmment, is the most expensive of all) will be centred on the updating of satellite imagery and maps of San Fernando, with a budget of ₱12 million (US$277, 900).

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