AUS ODA to PH of AUD$128.7 million

Part of the total aid program of Australia is AUD$128.7 million aid to the Philippines. Let’s hope every dollar will be put into productive use by the Philippines for its economic and social development needs.

Australia to provide P5.5-B ODA to Phl
By Iris C. Gonzales (The Philippine Star) Updated May 12, 2012


MANILA, Philippines – The Australian government has announced that it will provide the equivalent of P5.5 billion in official development assistance (ODA) to the Philippines from 2012 to 2013.

“In 2012-13, the Australian government will provide an estimated A$128.7 million (P5.5 billion) in official development assistance to the Philippines under the Australian budget for 2012-13,” the Australian government said through a statement issued by the Australian Embassy in the Philippines.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddell said the package is part of its government’s commitment to increase the size of the aid program to A$5.2 billion from A$4.8 billion in 2011-12.

The program in the Philippines is focused on strengthening basic services for the poor and reducing vulnerabilities arising from climate change and conflict.

In the area of education, Australian aid will assist the Philippines to promote opportunities for all by improving learning outcomes of school children in English, mathematics and science and ensuring that more children finish elementary and secondary education.

The aid program will have a strong focus on strengthening local governments, the Australian Embassy also said.

Australian assistance will support more efficient and effective basic services, particularly road infrastructure, according to the aid program.

Under the package, Australia will assist in building capacity within selected government institutions. It will also facilitate partnerships between government and civil society to support the Philippine government’s thrust for a more transparent and accountable government.

“This will enable Australia to work with the Philippines to better plan and implement aid investments more effectively over the next four years, delivering better results for the Filipino people,” it said.

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