And the winner is Sydney

Reading this article I find I am living in the best city in the world. At the same time, I always consider Manila as one of the best cities too for the friendly and hospitable culture, low cost, and abundance talented labour. Still, for weather Sydney wins hands down.

Insider Guide: Best of Sydney

Australia’s largest city packs in stunning dining, first-rate attractions and the best weather in the world

By C. James Dale 21 May, 2012

Best of SydneyThat’s not a skyline. That’s a SKYLINE.

If Sydney wasn’t so darned far from the rest of the world, everyone on the planet would move there.

Gorgeous. Vibrant. Sexy.

You’ll burn through plenty of adjectives and superlatives describing the best of Sydney, with its genuinely great beach options, top-notch restaurants and endless bars and nightclubs.

For a place that started out as a penal colony in the late 18th century (and for thousands of years before that, Aboriginal land), Sydney’s come a long way — from opening its iconic Opera House in 1973 to hosting the Olympics in 2000.

These days, it’s a regular on all of those “top 10 places to live in the world” and “most expensive cities in the world” lists.

An overheated real-estate market means homes that sold for $160,000 in the late 1970s now go for more than $40 million. (That’s one example, but you get the idea.)

The creep of gentrification is claiming street after street, turning once-dodgy neighborhoods into havens for the trendy set worthy of that “best of Sydney” tag.

Government officials are working on plans to build a second airport. Living in a city that’s popular, cool and costly is a fact of life for Sydney’s 4.6 million residents, an outdoorsy and environmentally friendly lot.

They work hard and play harder. They’ll charm you with a “G’day,” “No worries” or “How ya goin’?” You’ll contemplate moving here so you too can enjoy being in paradise full time — or at least talk like you do.

Failing that, you’ll consider extending your vacation or start planning a return voyage even before you hit the airport.

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