Consider Filipino Engineers

This article describes a recruiter getting engineers from India for employment in the Australian mining industry. Wait until they find the quality of Filipino engineers.

From The Age Sydney

Recruiters mine rich source of talent

Miriam Steffens
Published: May 28, 2012

LESS than a year since starting boutique recruitment business, InTalent Group, Peter Watson and Cameron Rudolph are in an enviable position, facing more demand for their services than they can hope to satisfy.

Tapping into the skills shortage in Australia‘s mining boom, the pair has specialised in recruiting experienced mining engineers in places such as Mumbai and Kolkata for the international resources giants, attracting them to Western Australia and Queensland on the prospects of $180,000-plus wages and the lifestyle.

The first 10 candidates from India started working for Rio Tinto in Perth a few weeks ago, piquing attention of other large minerals companies.

The business rationale is simple: 61,500 new jobs will have to be filled by the minerals sector by 2015, according to the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce’s 2010 report. The industry has begun looking for workers overseas, as illustrated by mining magnate Gina Rinehart‘s push to bring in semi-skilled migrants.

The taskforce has predicted a shortfall of about 1700 mining engineers with more than five years experience. And while Australia’s universities yield about 6000 new engineers annually, in India there are close to 1 million graduates leaving engineering school every year, explains Mr Watson, 64, who has lived in the country for two years building up a local subsidiary for AMP.

”Engineering is seen as a very honourable profession in India, whereas in Australia it’s not seen as a sexy profession,” he says. The traditional pools of skilled migrants, Britain, South Africa and Canada, have been ”fished clean.” All these moves are not without controversy, union leaders in Australia are furious after the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen last week announced a program to allow enterprise migration agreements, the first of which will allow Gina Rinehart to bring in 1700 foreign workers.

Union heads believe that after recent job losses in manufacturing the measure is ludicrous.

The businessmen have teamed up with partners in India, who head the recruiting efforts from Chennai with thousands of engineers on their databank. KPMG checks references of short-listed candidates to verify their CVs before they are being referred to the mining giants.

In its first campaign, InTalent screened more than 600 candidates for Rio’s iron ore operations in Western Australia late last year. Twenty-two were picked to meet with the miner’s representatives in Mumbai and Kolkata, and 10 eventually signed on.

Reaping fees worth about 15 per cent of the recruits’ first year’s pay, the company expects to break even with close to $1 million in turnover in its first year of operations.

The business has found a financial backer in John Parker, the former head of carmaker Ford in the Asia-Pacific and Africa region. The entrepreneurs are unfazed about a potential cooling of the mining boom.


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