Local companies appreciation of IT

Its interesting to know local companies in the Philippines have yet to ride on using the benefits of IT to enable their business to be more competitive. Let’s see whether Accenture can help make the difference.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

August 06, 2012

Accenture aims to lure local clients

THE LOCAL arm of Accenture, Inc. aims to lure more domestic firms to beef up its mostly foreign client base, yesterday saying companies here will need help to cope with information technology (IT) trends it has identified.

The IT services provider presented six technological trends and noted that it has tapped Trent Mayberry, technology growth platform managing director and financial services quality lead in Asia-Pacific, to discuss these with current and prospective clients here.

“In the next two days, we have Mr. Mayberry to talk to a focused client base, particularly conglomerates, to talk about Accenture’s technology vision. We’re talking with local corporate information officers (CIO) today and tomorrow to make sure our point of view is understood,” Accenture Country Managing Director Manolito T. Tayag told reporters.

The six trends have to do with context-based services, converging data architectures, industrialized data services, social-driven IT, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) -enabled agility or cloud service, and orchestrated analytical security.

Context-based services and social-driven IT have the potential to create new revenue streams, transform core business processes, and establish new channels for communications with employees, customers and partners, Mr. Mayberry said.

Industrialized data services, meanwhile, will allow the sharing and management of data across the entire business, thus allowing firms to leverage data as a strategic asset.

Businesses should therefore create converging data architectures, he said, which should allow firms to bridge the old the new data, internal and external information and turn them into new streams of value to the company.

Meanwhile, PaaS-enabled agility is a tool for squeezing cost out of IT and will provide an environment that can support rapid evolution for key business processes that need continuous change.

Lastly, with security threats evolving fast as the technology around it, firms should figure out which part of data is vulnerable and protect it.

“In today’s world, systems are not 100% secured unless you turn it off so business should identify vulnerable data and set up an agile IT department,” Mr. Mayberry said.

Mr. Tayag noted that they expect to increase Accenture’s domestic clients over the long term by leveraging these trends and research.

“We hope that our domestic clients would take a look at the opportunities of business, that’s why we asked experts to give us feasibility studies and research in emerging trends in technology and that is our expectation. We would want our clients and target clients to be aware and have much more knowledge of these trends,” he added.

Accenture’s more than 25,000 personnel services mostly global conglomerates and only a few domestic companies Mr. Tayag said. — Danessa O. Rivera

Article location : http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=Corporate&title=Accenture aims to lure local clients&id=56355

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