Renewable Energy needs to be used more

I assuming there is a way to use more renewable energy in the country where power cost is very high. The current targets and rates do not encourage this. And when you consider the positive impact it makes to the environment we should do more to promote it. Let’s hope during the month where we celebrate National Energy Consciousness (and a  new DOE secretary too) a change can be made.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

December 03, 2012

Energy dep’t to strike balance in RE review

THE DEPARTMENT of Energy (DoE) yesterday vowed to take into account the “welfare of consumers and the future of the renewable energy (RE) industry” in a review of installation targets.

“Take note that when we increase, the subsidy of consumers will be bigger,” Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla said at the sidelines of the opening the National Energy Consciousness Month. “If we add a few more hundred megawatts, it can be done but the more pressing concern will be the impact of the overall pricing to the customers,” he told reporters.

The department wants to keep installation targets as they are, Mr. Petilla said. Currently, run-of-river hydropower and biomass projects are allocated 250 megawatts (MW) each; wind power, 200 MW; solar power, 50 MW; and ocean power, 10 MW.

The installation targets — which limit the number and capacity of projects for each renewable technology — are used as a basis for feed-in tariff (FIT) rates.

The Energy Regulatory Commission has approved FIT rates for RE projects as follows: for run-of-river hydropower, P5.90/kWh; biomass, P6.63/kWh; wind, P8.53/kWh; and solar, P9.68/kWh.

The FIT rate, which will be divided by the number of actual consumers as “FIT allowance,” will be paid to RE developers over a period of 20 years. — Claire-Ann Marie C. Feliciano

Article location : dep’t to strike balance in RE review&id=62368

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