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Wow. This just confirmed that Filipinos have talent that be of great benefit for global business. I am going to see how I can work with them.

From Ioqal.ph/ 03 03 11

Filipino software developers create online map service for real estate companies

By Anna Valmero











MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA— Filipino real estate businesses can now map their locations on Google Maps using a free Web application developed locally.

Software developers Lorenzo Dee and Edge Dalmacio created haybol.ph, a real estate location search and mapping tool consolidates over 7,500 housing, school and other establishments mostly found in the Calabarzon area.

Dee, software architect at Orange and Bronze Software Labs Inc., said haybol.ph was integrated under the firm’s technopreneurship incubation program.

The map service has a user-friendly interface that allows users to register and map the exact location of an office, building or property on Google Maps. Photos and a 360-degree virtual tour of the location can also be added.

“We made the app to address the lack of a rich media online map in the Philippines that goes beyond business listing and contact details. Here, we aggregate information about the property on a map and you can see its exact location of the place in relation to other buildings,” Dee said.

Usually, when people locate a building or an area, they look for landmarks to guide them since street names often change. By allowing users to visualize the location of the place using a combination of address, street location and landmarks, users can find a location faster and more efficiently.

The Web app is aimed to introduce web rich map information for Filipinos online to “fast track decision making in buying or leasing buildings or to easily and accurately locate an area,” said Dalmacio, senior software engineer at Orange and Bronze.

In North America, information about when the house was built, the list of owners and floor layout are included in online maps, which has yet to take years to be available in the Philippines.

“Compared to typical classifieds find on print and dailies, the entry on haybol.ph allows user to use the map locator web app to make their businesses visible on Google Maps. Other information such as pictures of the building and ways to contact the owner allows for faster transaction between parties,” Dalmacio said.

Three major banks in the Philippines have partnered with haybol.ph. The website receives 15,000 visits per month.

To prevent junk data, account registration requires an authentic account on Google, Yahoo!, myOpenID, and Windows Live ID as registration email.

The service is offered for free until end of this year and revenues are generated from ads. For 2012, Dalmacio said they are considering other value-added services to gain revenues from the application.

Potential value-add services that can be developed from this map tool includes “heat maps”  that gives you a holistic view of real-estate information on the average lease prices in an area versus others, age of buildings, better routing based on road traffic and congestion, real estate tax compliance, and flood hazard maps.


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