The Future is now in the Philippines

With a majority of Filipinos now having internet access, the future environment now enjoyed by more developed countries is now also possible to the many in the country. Let us hope we use the advantages of this technology to create more jobs and livelihood opportunities to bring about a more inclusive society.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

June 24, 2014

Mobile access boosts Philippine Internet use

MORE Filipinos now have access to the Internet than they did four years ago given the rising ownership of mobile phones, research firm Nielsen yesterday said.

Internet penetration in the Philippines nearly doubled to 52% this year from the 27% of 2010, according to Nielsen’s PinoyNetizen report released Monday, providing a comprehensive view of the activities of Filipino Internet users in urban Philippines, as well as key demographic profiles, psychographic information, consumption of other media, and product consumption.

The report is a quarterly survey done via face-to-face interviews of males and females aged 10 years old and above, with a quarterly sample size of 2,500.

According to the report, the use of mobile phones to access the Internet went up to 35% this year from just 9% in 2012 and already equalled desktop usage, which in turn declined from 63% two years ago.

While desktop usage was going down, the use of laptops to access the Internet remained stable at 41% and is now the most commonly used device to access the internet.

“Filipinos are demanding fast, convenient and on-the-go access to the internet,” Nielsen Philippines Managing Director Stuart Jamieson said, in a statement announcing the release of the report.

“Mobile devices are effectively addressing this demand, and as a result, web users are migrating away from traditional PCs to connected devices as a means of accessing information online,” he said.

As the use of mobile phones to access the Internet was said to have grown, the frequency and the amount of time Filipinos go online also increased, Nielsen noted.

Six out of 10 (58%) said they were online daily in the first quarter of this year, up from the 23% recorded in the last quarter of 2013.

While connected, 33% said they had spent more than two hours per day online as against the previous quarter’s 28% on weekdays and 26% on weekends.

“As mobile penetration rises and getting online becomes easier than ever, consumers are staying online for increasing lengths of time,” Mr. Jamieson said.

“As such, connected devices are providing exciting opportunities for brands to connect with consumers, and in the coming years organizations need to understand and leverage this behavioral shift to help strengthen their engagement with their customers,” he added.

While accessing the Internet at home, 95% of the respondents said they visited social networking sites while 44% said they played online games.

“While entry points for online usage are social networking and gaming, the consumer’s world is becoming borderless with vast options and activities that can be conducted online,” the Nielsen Philippines chief pointed out.

“While on one hand, the uplift in internet usage presents opportunities to get nearer to consumers, on the other hand, increasing media fragmentation is making it harder than ever to capture consumers’ attention. Marketers need to seek out new and innovative ways to differentiate and stand out from the crowd,” he said. — Daryll Edisonn D. Saclag

Article location : access boosts Philippine Internet use&id=89744

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