This is an issue of Trust and Confidence

In Australia, the land title to my home is in electronic form which I can only access by going to the local title office. I never had a manual printed version. But old titles still exist in Australia for some properties first owned when it was a British colony. In the Philippines, the switch to an electronic title would spell the end of fictitious or fake titles that is a common danger in buying a property. But if you are a property owner with a printed title converting to an electronic version should be no brainer too. However, that is assuming there is a high level of trust and confidence that the Philippine titles office (Land Registration Authority) will do a good job as its custodian. It may require some convincing that it does a good job if this is to happen.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

October 05, 2014

Electronic land titles to ‘deactivate’ print versions

ONCE DIGITIZED, manually issued land titles and deeds will be rendered “deactivated” and obsolete, the Philippine government said, announcing a move to encourage conversion to electronic copies.

However, the scheme will cover only “voluntary transactions,” the Land Registration Authority (LRA) said in a newspaper bulletin posted Friday last week. The bulletin announced the implementing guidelines of the Voluntary Title Standardization Program — through Circular No. 16-2014 — under its Land Titling Computerization Project.

In its implementing rules, the LRA said the manually issued document would only be converted to an electronic copy when the owner surrenders his duplicate copy to the registry. Upon conversion, the manually issued title shall be deemed deactivated.

“Henceforth, all succeeding transactions pertaining thereto shall be processed using the resulting eTitle,” the LRA said.

It also said that all pertinent data found in the manually issued title shall be encoded, including annotations.

“All annotations, whether subsisting or canceled, on the manually issued title subject of the transaction, shall be copied en toto on the draft eTitle,” the LRA added.

The encoded data shall then be examined and upon finding that the same are complete, the eTitle shall be transmitted to the head of the Registry of Deeds, in accordance with existing LRA policies.

If the voluntary transaction is approved, the documents shall be stamped and signed by the Registry of Deeds to testify its authenticity.

But once the transaction is denied, a notice of denial will be issued to the client. Within five days, the client may withdraw the documents, appeal the denial, and reapply for the conversion of his title to an electronic copy.

The computerized system of converting the titles into electronic copies were initially pilot-tested in the Registries of Deeds (RDs) in the cities of Cebu, Toledo, Lapu-Lapu, and Danao, in Cebu province.

Some 114 Registries of Deeds nationwide use the computerized system of converting the titles into electronic copies.

The said scheme, which is part of the LRA’s greater mandate to fully digitize its records, is aimed at providing the public the security of their land titles, and protection form loss due to fire, theft, natural disasters, and “normal ravages of time.”

“The project seeks to maintain the security and integrity of records by safeguarding these titles from tampering or destruction and deter substitution or insertion of questionable data, and ensure the integrity of the land titling registration system by moving from a largely paper-based to a largely paperless system,” the LRA said in the circular. — Reden D. Madrid

Article location : land titles to ‘deactivate’ print versions&id=95570

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