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I was born in Manila, Philippines and currently a resident of Sydney, Australia for the past 20 years. I am a graduate of of three Catholic schools (Don Bosco, De la Salle and Ateneo) where I had completed qualifications in mechanics, commerce and masters in business.

While I blog here on a variety of subjects of interest to me, this is my attempt to promote cross border relationships between Australia and the Philippines. A particular interest of my management consulting practice is identifying business opportunities present in one country and match with this with businesses from the other country that may have the capital, technology or management expertise to fill the market need. I further add value by helping my client find a local partner or build its own local organisation to support the business. Finally, with my background in banking and finance I can help assist him in establishing his relationships with the local banking and finance community to help in his funding needs.

Although both countries are different in culture, lifestyle and weather, they have a lot in common and can complement each other in their needs. However, one aspect stands out which is while most Australian residents enjoy a quality of life considered as one of the best, majority of Filipinos continue to struggle to reach similar levels with massive poverty, unequal distribution of wealth and the lack of jobs. While blessed with abundant natural resources, a warm and friendly culture, strong Catholic values and a talented and artistic workforce, a better quality of life comparable to a developed country like Australia’s continues to be a aspiration for many still living in the Philippines.

After living in Sydney for a long time in relative safety, comfort and leisure while the many in the Philippines still struggle to find theirs motivates me to do this work as my way of helping them. One hope is I may help create an increased Australian investment in the Philippines that will generate employment opportunities for many still jobless or underemployed and in some way allow them a better way of life. I also hope it may foster a closer understanding between the two countries and find other ways that will mutually beneficial for both of them.

Join me in this effort and maybe we can find something to do together.

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Harvey G. Campos says:

    May God who had begun a good work in you bring it to full fruition. Wishing you God’s blessings on all of your endeavors.

  2. asanasikaka says:

    Hi Charles,

    My name is Kat, originally from Davao City, and I came across your blog via your Teach for the Philippines post. I’m a recent grad and would like to speak more with you about the Teach for the Philippines idea — I heard that something like that is currently being set up in the Philippines, just this year, and I was wondering if you were part of the initiative or if you’re at least aware about it. I’m also going to email Mr. Cruz whom you referenced in that post.

    Hope to hear from you!

    • ideasman88 says:

      Hi Kat,

      I apologise for the late reply.

      I suggest you contact Mr Cruz if you want to take his idea and start something similar in the Philippines. I don’t think there is one organised as what Mr Cruz mentioned. If you read again his article, this is an idea he has in mind based on a similar organisation in the US.


      • asanasikaka says:


        I’ve actually recently spoken with the founding committee of Teach for the Philippines — they were officially launched some time last month, which is very recent so I’m not sure if Mr. Cruz might be aware of that. I’ve emailed him and have yet to hear back, but in any case, thanks for responding!

        If you’re interested, here’s the website: http://teachforthephilippines.org/

      • ideasman88 says:

        Hi Kat,

        Wow. That’s great news. I did not realise the idea of Mr Cruz was picked-up by the group that had established this. I note the people behind it are well known and reputable business people a number of them I know personally.

        I hope you can find a way to help them in their activities as we need to support what they have set themselves to do.

        Thanks and please keep me posted.

  3. You have a noble cause and thank you for your efforts to make the lives of Filipinos better. We need guys like you. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    By the way, I was searching for Filipino math blogs and came across with your article titled “Filipinos are good in math too…” It’s very sad that only a very few math teachers are blogging.

    • ideasman88 says:

      Hi Gulliermo,

      I appreciate your kind and encouraging words about what I do. You too are doing a good work by working for an educational institution. Maybe you could aspire to be a math teacher too!


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