PHP 3 Billion Ad spend on Philippine Digital platforms

Compared to the total advertising spent in the Philippines, this amount looks tiny. But maybe this is just the start the percentage of people with online excess continue to rise. Currently it is around 30%.

From BusinessWorld Philippines

February 20, 2014

2013 ad spending pegged at P340 billion

ADVERTISERS spent as much as P340 billion last year, most of it going to hygiene-related products, according to a media analyst yesterday.

“We estimate that there’s about P340 billion spent on advertising on radio, TV and print for 2013, based on rate cards. But, probably, the real negotiated rates, more or less, are about 60% of this, because the discounts go to around 50-80% of what was published,” Kantar Media General Manager Gabriel V. Buluran said in a press briefing yesterday, citing the research firm’s 2013 Advertising Expenditure Report.

Mr. Buluran said that, of the total, TV got the lion’s share of P265 billion, followed by radio with about P60 billion and print with about P12 billion.

The official noted that Kantar expects spending on radio ads to grow by at least a tenth.

“Radio could probably grow by 10-15% because, in the past two years, they have been investing to audience measurements allowing them to rationalize their costs,” Mr. Buluran added.

However, TV might be seeing a flat year ahead due to fixed commercial minutes on ads.

“Print will have to continue on selling with the emergence of the digital platform,” he noted.

This year’s sales are seen to end flat due to the lack of election-related ads.

According to Kantar Media, 92% of urban homes and 70% of rural homes own at least one television set while 83% of urban homes and 69% of rural homes own at least one radio unit. When it comes to print, 50% of Filipinos read newspapers and 14% read magazines.

Unilever Philippines, Inc. spent the most last year with over P48 billion on television advertising. The company was consistently the top spender in all channels and timeslots. Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc. followed suit with over P33 billion and P15 billion in TV ad spending, respectively.

“Most of the spending would go to the manufacturers of personal products like shampoo, soap, conditioner, and toothpaste,” Mr. Buluran said.

He also said that advertisers “really are still into the traditional radio-TV-print advertising.”

Article location : ad spending pegged at P340 billion&id=83771

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